Remedial Massage-85 mins. Occasional Treatments

Do you have back pain or shoulder issues? I help fix Musculoskeletal soft tissue dysfunction.  I specialize in Core Hip/Glutes. My treatments are evidence based and complete. I treat fascia, joints and muscles with Massage, Percussion, Distraction and Stretch. Its a better treatment.  Suit Acute conditions. Consult your Doctor for Chronic issues. Combine with your Physio, Chiro or Osteo appointment for better results. Or just enjoy a Remedial Massage

Reduce Pain – Increace Motion. Massage and Stretch. Sessions from 55 min for $110.
Help muscle get back to normal. Soft tissue muscular focus.

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Energy Massage & Stretch – 40 mins. Regular Sessions

Do you Work hard,  Play hard and Train hard? Is Muscle care on your agenda? Want an evidence based professional to activate, massage and stretch both dynamic and static stabilizers in the 7 major muscle groups?  Perfect for after- work or gym. This is  Muscle Tonic. Designed for Weekly or fortnightly use. Combine  with Gym, Fitness, Wellness, Weight loss plans or just take the occassional one to give you a boost!

Active combination of Massage and stretching. Sessions from 40 mins for $90.  Helps with movement, fitness and stress. Nueuromuscular focus. 

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Bodywork-Restorative Treatments- 2.5 hr. Monthly session

I designed this originally for my fly-in-fly out clients and corporate executives (who had similar requirements). It is a complete Restoration Treatment. Using Remedial Massage Therapy, Relaxation, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Dry Needling and Cupping, with a comprehensive 14 sequence Yoga Based Full Body stretch done on Table. So, you just do nothing. Add to Rehab, Training,  Wellness or Diet Plans, Bodybuilders/Body shapers. Perfect for a monthly full service or just Muscle Induldgence!

Relaxing, Restorative pain free deep tissue, Fascia and passive stretching. Session from 2.5 hr for $280.  Detox, Renew and Restore energy and function.

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Why Adolphus Bodyworks?

Acute dysfunction and pain focus

Outstanding track record in restoration.

Safe, practical and effective

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