ADOLPHUS BODYWORKS: Raymond Adolphus is an Internationally competitive Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in Clinically relevant Massage and Stretch for the shoulder and hip. Pain, Motion & Functionality. Health Fund Rebates. Canungra Studio.

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Professional Massage Therapy in Queensland

Are you struggling with back pain that's limiting your ability to move and enjoy life to the fullest? I'm Raymond Adolphus, and I understand the impact that persistent back issues can have on your daily life. As a remedial massage therapist specialising in massage and stretching for shoulder and hip ailments, I offer professional massage therapy to help you manage and alleviate your discomfort.

Conquer Back Pain

Back pain shouldn't control your life, and you don't have to face it alone. Did you know that 1 in 6 Australians suffers from back pain? It is also the number one cause of lost work productivity, early retirement, and income poverty in Queensland. It's a common issue, but it doesn't have to be a permanent one. I can help you manage your pain and regain control over your movements and daily activities through tailored, gentle massage and stretching sessions.

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Alleviate Long-Term Complications

While remedial massage and stretch sessions can offer significant relief from stress, anxiety, and muscle tension, it's essential to remember that they complement, rather than replace, medical care for your back. Untreated back pain can lead to chronic issues for 20% of sufferers, but with proactive care, you can alleviate long-term complications.

My Specialisation

I specialise in musculoskeletal treatments that cater to various needs, from acute dysfunction to maintenance. As a remedial therapist, stretch coach, and adept practitioner of dry needling, I offer a holistic approach for exceptional results. My focus is on achieving outstanding outcomes, prioritising evidence-based practices, and ensuring enjoyable sessions tailored to you. Whether you seek rehabilitation or ongoing wellness support, I provide personalised care to restore and maintain your body's optimal condition.

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Helping You Is My Passion

I'm deeply passionate about massage and stretching. In June 2023, I competed internationally in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the World Championships. This experience is a testament to the top-quality care and results I can offer for every session with you. Don’t let back pain hold you back. Let me help. Contact me directly if you have any questions about the services I offer.