Your Remedial Massage Therapist

As a Remedial Therapist, Stretch Coach, and Dry Needling (Western Acupuncture) professional, I bring a unique and highly effective approach to musculoskeletal treatments. I specialise in Body conditioning and restoration work. I am known for three things 1) Treatment Outcomes-Outstanding success rate in Acute musculoskeletal dysfunction, 2) Treatment Safety-Evidence based treatment and pressure, and 3) Enjoyment-Practical and hands-on, with maximum table time.
With a Diploma in Remedial Therapy (Adv Rehab), and a background in Personal Training, Conditioning, and Yoga.  i am able to design simple effective treatments. understand muscles both from a detailed anatomical perspective, but also from a practical and functional perspective. Health Fund approved.

Why choose me?

Technical Excellence- Expert understanding of the musculoskeletal system. Evidence based proven techniques.
Track record of customer satisfaction.