Treatments and Costs

Remedial Massage

45 Mins from $75
Do you have back pain or shoulder issues? I help fix Musculoskeletal soft tissue dysfunction.  I specialize in Core Hip/Glutes. My treatments are evidence based and complete. I treat fascia, joints and muscles with Massage, Percussion, Distraction and Stretch. Its a better treatment.  Suit Acute conditions. Consult your Doctor for Chronic issues. Combine with your Physio, Chiro or Osteo appointment for better results. Or just enjoy a Remedial Massage

Reduce Pain – Increase Motion. Massage and Stretch. Sessions from $75
Help muscle get back to normal. Soft tissue muscular focus.

Stretching | Raymond Adolphus | Canungra

Sports/Deep Tissue

60 mins from $110
if you Work hard, Play hard, and Train hard, muscle care should be on your agenda. Want an evidence-based professional to activate, massage, and stretch both dynamic and static stabilizers in the 7 major muscle groups?  Perfect for after-work or gym. Designed for Weekly or fortnightly use. Combine with Gym, Fitness, Wellness, and weight loss plans or just take the occasional one to give you a boost!
Active combination of Massage and stretching. Sessions from form $90.  Helps with movement, fitness, and stress. Neuromuscular focus. 

Bodywork Treatment

2 hrs from $210.
To your needs-This is a complete Restoration Treatment. Using Remedial Massage Therapy, Relaxation, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Dry Needling and Cupping, with a Full Body stretch done on Table. So, you just do nothing. Add to Rehab, Training, Wellness or Diet Plans, Bodybuilders/Body shapers. Perfect for a monthly full service,
Relaxing, Restorative pain free deep tissue, Fascia and passive stretching. Session from $210.  Detox, Renew and Restore energy and function.

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